Why Should I Buy a Prefab Residential Metal Building Package?

There are many reasons that the informed purchaser would choose a metal building package for their new home. Quality, aesthetics, health, and environmental impact head up that list.

Homes fabricated from light gauge metal stud framing offer purchasers one of the best strength to weight ratios of all construction methods. What this means to the home buyer is that a metal framed building is stronger and lighter than conventionally framed structures.

Metal framing does not warp, twist, split, crack, or shrink like wood framing. The purchaser of a metal framed home will therefore have fewer problems with nail popping and the subsequent repairs and redecorating required to fix the damage.

A panelized metal framed home has the added advantage of being prefabricated in a controlled factory-like environment. The panels are sent to your building site and erected in place speeding up the site erection time required.

This item is the second largest concern for most home buyers – What will my new home look like? A metal stud framed home can be finished just like any wood framed home, and with fewer problems caused by the problems with wood framing identified in the previous section. Walls that are installed straight, square and true remain that way.

Metal framed buildings are recommended by the Healthy House Institute for good indoor air quality. Steel framing resists mould spores that can lead to chronic illness. Pesticides and toxins are not required to protect the metal framing from termites and other vermin as may be the case in wood structures.

The Environment
Metal framing offers home buyers an environmentally-friendly alternative to wood framing. There is little waste in a metal framed building when compared toa wood framed structure. What little there may be is totally recyclable. An average wood framed home has about 50 cubic feet of landfill waste while a steel framed home has about 1.5 cubic feet of RECYCLABLE waste. It would take about 25 old-growth trees to build a 2,500 square foot home. The same home framed in metal would take about 7 recycled automobiles.

You would of course have to do your homework to find the manufacturer and builder that suits your needs and desires. As always, it’s ‘Buyer Beware’. However, the advantages of steel framing will certainly make your decision easier.